Digital Kit "Plum's musings at the enchanted garden" by download

Kit « Les rêves de Prune au jardin magique » - US - 00 - Presentation

More than a digital kit, this is a whole new universe the lovely Plum is sharing with you. She's dreaming of an enchanted garden... Holding her favorite fluffy toy, the little girl walks about in the middle of little bells or frog trees and meets with a funny stone man...

11,90 €
Option : DVD, +6,00 €

What's in the digital kit? Why is it so big?

  • 44 backgrounds with the colors: blue, pink, yellow, and green...
  • 106 embellishments: plants, pieces of furniture, clouds...
  • 2 line patterns and 1 mask: creepers... (for Studio-Scrap 2, 3 and 4)
  • 11 cutting shapes: arabesques, frames, words...
  • 2 clusters: bush, eyes...
  • 24 templates of layouts as a BONUS + 1 object.

The kit also contains the elements to make a comic book.

Backgrounds, embellishments and shapes from the digital kit

  • Backgrounds

    The background papers with the colors: blue, pink, yellow and green...

  • Digital kit shapes and mask

    The shapes and mask: frames, flowers, leaves, cloud...

  • Digital kit embellishments

    The embellishments: bed, toy box, frames...

  • Digital kit embellishments

    The embellishments: pathway, people, nice monsters...

  • Digital kit embellishments

    The embellishments: flowers, bushes, comic balloons

  • Digital kit embellishments

    The embellishments: lamps, stars, kids balloons...

  • digital kit cluster frames

    The clusters

You will be able to add backgrounds, papers or photos into the shapes.

The 24 scrapbooking pages provided FREE with the kit and the Bonus.

In just a few mouse clicks, you import your photos and get original works and personal pleasure that you can distribute to friends and family.

Layouts for Studio-Scrap 3

Of course all these templates for Studio-Scrap can be modified for an even more extensive customization...

Layouts for Studio-Scrap 4

Only users of Studio-Scrap 4 may open these because of the new objects.

For Windows systems
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