Digital kit "Travel to India"


Here is a digital kit that will take you away... How about traveling to India right now? "Travel to India" will make you escape to a brightly colored world, ready to party... Allow yourself to smell the intoxicating spices and dream about the charms and secrets of this fascinating country. Open your eyes wide and walk around the country of the thousands of sparkling colors.

11,90 €
Option : DVD, +6,00 €

The details of the contents of this digital kit

  • 59 papers with the colors: turquoise, red, yellow, green and many others
  • 123 embellishments: flowers, Ganesh, kolam, jewels
  • 31 shapes: indian patterns, swirls, lotus
  • a 62 signs alphabet
  • 7 masks
  • 1 simple line
  • 13 decorative lines: bindis, flowers, anklet
  • 24 layout templates (for Studio-Scrap 4 and 5) as a bonus
  • 1 photobook template of 24 pages FREE (for Studio-Scrap 4 and 5)

Papers, embellishments, shapes, masks & alphabet

  • Travel to India presentation papers

    The papers

  • Travel to India presentation embellishments

    The embellishments

  • Travel to India presentation shapes

    The indian patterns shapes

  • Travel to India presentation shapes

    The other shapes

  • Travel to India presentation  decorative lines

    The decorative lines

  • Travel to India presentation  masques

    The masks

  • Travel to India presentation  wordart

    The wordarts

  • Travel to India presentation clusters

    The cluster frames

  • en Inde presentation lettrines

    The alphabet

Layouts created for Studio-Scrap 4 and 5

  • sisters

    Sisters (arthea)

  • gustatory pleasures

    Gustatory pleasures (jdauchy)

  • on the desert

    On the desert (martine29)

  • the party

    The party (arthea)

  • the little girl in pink

    The little girl in pink (bribri62)

  • little face

    Little face

  • honeymoon

    Honeymoon (jdauchy)

  • welcome to india

    Welcome to india (arthea)

  • together


  • portrait

    Portrait (marylou)

  • my beauty

    My beauty (lotiescrap)

  • welcome

    Welcome (larel)

  • dream flowers

    Dream flowers

  • distant dream

    Distant dream

  • indian palace

    Indian palace (nanou0146)

  • grandma & me

    Grandma & me (marylou)

  • indian family

    Indian family (moyson)

  • a little hello

    A little hello (hugou)

  • Valentine's day

    Valentine's day

  • sensory trip

    Sensory trip

  • 2014 best wishes

    2014 best wishes

  • bollywood atmosphere

    Bollywood atmosphere (arthea)

  • my sun

    My sun

3D object template: the elephant moneybox!

paper moneybox

11,90 €
Option : DVD, +6,00 €
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