Brag book "Our adventure tales" by download

Mini-album « Nos petits aventuriers » - 00 - Présentation

Discover the brag book "Our adventure tales", created from the digital kit "Welcome to the zoo"

5,00 €
Option : CD, +5,00 €

This photo box doubles up as a display frame for one of the pictures. It also contains a perfectly sized folding brag book. The box is cute and would go well as a present.

FREE: You will receive with your brag book a short video showing the different steps of the A to Z making of the brag book to help you finishing it. (in French only)

Presentation video of the brag book "Our adventure tales"

Print the pages, cut them out, then bind them together… You will easily make a real photo brag book.

Examples of pages from this brag book

Compatible with all photo softwares
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